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    Cox Capitol Theatre comes into its own as a venue for live and local acts in Macon, Ga.

    Nov. 23, 2015, 9:52 a.m., Posted by Y-O Latimore

    Photo: A performance at the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, Ga. Photo by Flickr user Nicole Kibert.

    Almost a century ago, the Capitol Theatre opened up in downtown Macon, Ga. to show movies on a big screen. For approximately six decades, the venue thrived, surrounded by retail stores and restaurants. There was no such thing as a mall, and people went downtown to conduct business and frolic. The Capitol was in the midst of it all. After the birth of shopping centers and malls, however, many businesses moved their establishments. The Capitol Theatre, too, shut its doors and remained closed for nearly 30 years.

    Eventually, the theater was revitalized by a group of concerned citizens who dedicated their time to bringing it back to life. The location is now known as the Cox Capitol Theatre, and it is one of the main venues that pumps vitality into the city.

    Since the Cox Capitol Theatre, a Knight Foundation grantee, reopened in 2006, there have been some challenges and a series of management changes. However, the Moonhanger Group–which owns the Rookery, Dovetail and H&H restaurants–is now managing the venue, and they have created a buzz around the theater by booking live acts and supporting independent artists.

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    Images from 1,412 people on display in Greater Philly Photo Day 2015 Exhibition

    Nov. 23, 2015, 9:49 a.m., Posted by Chip Schwartz

    Photo: A view of the Greater Philly Photo Day 2015 Exhibition, currently on display at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center gallery.

    If you live in Philadelphia, October presented an incredible opportunity for photographers. This year, on Oct. 9, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center encouraged everyone around the city to take a picture for Philly Photo Day. This initiative by the Knight grantee was a tribute to the ubiquity of photography in our daily lives, and honored not only the professionals among us, but also anyone with a smartphone and a bit of inspiration.

    To extend the reach of this ambitious project, 2015 also found the project with a slightly different name: Greater Philly Photo Day, which now includes not only the City of Brotherly Love, but also 11 neighboring counties as well.

    With this project, everyone was given an equal opportunity to share their perspective on the Greater Philadelphia region by snapping a shot from their daily lives, composing an interesting photograph, or capturing a new angle on a familiar sight. Throughout the exhibit that is currently on display in the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center gallery in the Crane Arts Building, one can find images of skyscrapers, pets, street scenes, landscapes, interiors, quirky observations, artistic arrangements or portraits of friends and family–practically anything someone might take a picture of.

    The photographers range from school students to professionals and everyone in between, and the scale of it all is as much a part of the fare as any individual photo. This year, 1,412 photographs from Oct. 9 adorn the walls of the gallery with just about every color, pattern or texture imaginable, creating a framework of square and rectangular slices of our world.

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    K880 Champions making news

    Nov. 23, 2015, 9 a.m., Posted by Ryan O’Connor

    This article is cross-posted from 8 80 Cities, where Ryan O'Connor is a blogger. Funded by Knight Foundation, the K880 Emerging City Champions program provides young, emerging, and diverse leaders with the opportunity to make immediate and lasting impacts in their communities  Photo above from @DearAkron on Twitter

    Following the waves started at the beginning of the past summer, the K880 Champions are still making news. Beginning in June 2015, each Champion was given one year and $5,000 to transform their neighbourhoods.

    The K880 Emerging City Champions, are an incredible group of young adults from eight different cities in the U.S. who have big ideas to make their communities healthier, happier, and more socially connected. The program is run by 8 80 Cities, with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

    On August 29, CORNETTA LANE launched Core City Stories, a biking and walking tour that lets participants learn about neighborhood history by listening to residents' stories. Her first bike tour attracted more than 40 participants. Cornetta's leadership also earned her a spot on a list of 11 "Black Millennials that are helping Detroit make its comeback." Due to strong community response, Cornetta will be hosting monthly bike tours in summer 2016, and several local bike-based businesses have offered to sponsor the project.

    Read more >> Welcome to Core City, right here in Detroit

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