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New model of collaborative journalism school begins student recruitment

March 26, 2012, 9:30 a.m., Posted by Beverly Blake

Over the weekend, Mercer University hosted a student recruitment day, and included in the group of over 220 students were 44 high school juniors and seniors who were interested in coming to Mercer to be a part of the Center for Collaborative Journalism. I attended the luncheon for the students and their families, and Center Director Tim Regan-Porter (@timreganporter), Jon Hoban, VP for Radio at Georgia Public Broadcasting, Sherrie Marshall, Executive Editor of The Telegraph and I talked about our aspirations for the center.

journalismWhat impressed me was that these students were attracted to Mercer because of the unique mission of the center - the medical school model of journalism education and the opportunity to work aside seasoned journalists in a shared newsroom to transform this community through information exchange.

The center is a bold experiment, in reporting the news, in telling the stories of our community and in shared learning. Students will learn from seasoned journalists, and the journalists from the students about gathering information and reporting it in the digital age.

After being with these bright young people who want not only to learn how to be great journalists in the 21st Century, but how to make a difference in their communities, I believe more than ever that quality journalism, delivered on all platforms, continues to be the foundation of our democracy and critical to building strong communities. People require accurate, timely and actionable information to make informed decisions to build vibrant communities and a strong democracy.

An easy way to learn about the State of the News Media 2012

March 23, 2012, 7:50 a.m., Posted by Eric Newton

Two Knight partners are coming together in a webinar next week designed to get everyone on the same page with the State of the News Media 2012. It’s the latest Webinar from Poynter's NewsU, and features Tom Rosenstiel, who founded and directs the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.


Tom Rosenstiel

The one-hour webinar, costing $10.95 and set for 2 p.m. EST Wednesday March 28, will cover journalism and the mobile market, changing audience habits and local TV news, newspaper pay models, Facebook’s impact on news, nonprofit news sites and more. You can sign up for State of the News Media 2012.

Knight investments co-founded and then helped expand NewsU as it has grown into the nation’s premiere online journalism training site, with more than 210,000 registered users.

Knight grantees keep publishing: Now, it’s ‘Gutenberg the Geek’

March 22, 2012, 12:45 p.m., Posted by Eric Newton


Those books by Knight grantees just keep on coming. The latest from Jeff Jarvis, entrepreneurial journalism guru who runs the Tow-Knight Center at the City University of New York, looks to be one of the best so far. It’s ‘Gutenberg the Geek,’ a Kindle Single – and it connects the media technology dots in a highly readable, relevant way.

The book’s been getting great reviews from all over - because it places Gutenberg in a modern frame as the Steve Jobs of his time. The inventor of movable metal type had trouble raising money and basically had to bootstrap the venture that ushered in the mass media age. It does remind you of Steve Wozniak and Jobs launching the digital age from their garage.