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Missed the conversation on news and info at the Media Learning Seminar? Here's full coverage

Feb. 22, 2012, 11:16 a.m., Posted by Marika Lynch



If you missed - or are looking for a refresher on -  Knight's 2012 Media Learning Seminar, we've rounded up all the info you need to help you catch up.

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Zuckerman: How to use media to amplify community voices

Feb. 22, 2012, 9:01 a.m., Posted by Elise Hu



Ethan Zuckerman believes the Internet is the most powerful tool humans have to understand one another’s differences. But, he says, we’ve yet to tap its potential. “The way we use the Internet keeps us from making those connections,” said the director of the MIT Center for Civic Media and founder of Global Voices.

Zuckerman told the hundreds gathered for Knight’s Media Learning Seminar that the sociological phenomenon of homophily — the tendency to gravitate toward people with similar traits — also governs our Web habits and online conversations. "We find the same ways to sort ourselves in whom we associate with online,” Zuckerman said.

In a speech Tuesday, Zuckerman told foundation and community leaders that the task for content producers today is to act as guides to the Internet, helping show audiences not only what they want to see, but what they need to see. “As tourists in a city, if we want to see various parts of the city, we find a guide. How do we create guides for the Internet?” Zuckerman asked.

His work with the Center for Civic Media centers on how to map, contextualize and amplify global voices with tools that, he says, can be applied to any community. Zuckerman’s four-step approach: