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How arts can anchor people to place

Nov. 14, 2011, 8:35 a.m., Posted by Tatiana Hernandez

Stockholm Subway Image via Wacky Owl

This post, written by Knight Foundation Arts Program Associate, Tatiana Hernandez, was originally published on the Americans for the Arts' Blog.

The Animating Democracy blog salon on sought answers to a very big question: what will it take to move and sustain arts and culture in community development, civic engagement and social change? The 21st century is all about intersections, networks and hybridity. Our goal should be to ingrain arts in community development through cross-cutting projects that seek to anchor people to place. Carol Atlas nailed it by highlighting Arts & Democracy’s new book: Bridge Conversations, People Who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds.

Have an idea for the future of news and information? Apply now to the SXSWi accelerator competition

Nov. 11, 2011, 4:26 p.m., Posted by Jose C. Zamora

Knight Foundation is excited to participate in South by Southwest Interactive next March and sponsor the SXSW Accelerator Competition. Last year, we launched a new track for News-Related Technologies and we will continue supporting it this year. In fact, applications for the contest are due by next Friday, Nov. 18, at:

At Knight, we are committed to seeing journalism to its best possible future. Over the past four years, we have invested more than $100 million in a Media Innovation Initiative, to among other things experiment with new media models for journalism. So far, our funding has helped launch more than 200 community news experiments.

If you are a current grantee or a media innovator who is passionate about using journalism and technology to inform and engage communities, we want to meet you. We are eager to discover interesting projects, meet potential grantees or Knight News Challenge winners and learn about new technologies.

American Public Media's Joaquin Alvarado: Technologies don’t create communities; communities create technologies

Nov. 11, 2011, 11:31 a.m., Posted by Robertson Adams

Above: Joaquin Alvarado, Senior VP at American Public Media

This post is part of "The Digital Revolution and Democracy" series. For more information on the series, read "Digital Democracy: A More Perfect Union."

It's important to start asking how we can leverage digital media and social networks as a platform to improve our democracy, argues Joaquin Alvarado, the Senior Vice President for Digital Innovation for American Public Media. The formation of networks is not just a digital tech issue, but a question of how new ideas are socialized, he says.