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Hatching leadership and retail across Detroit

Nov. 30, 2011, noon, Posted by Rishi Jaitly


Hatch Detroit's co-founders Nick Gorga and Ted Balowski

If we Detroiters are passionate about our city and eager to engage in our community, how do we go about simply - and fully - unlocking our collective energy? It’s a question we at Knight Foundation ponder and work on everyday as we pursue our mission of informed and engaged communities.

Today, with this question in mind, we’re delighted to announce a grant $50,000 grant to Hatch Detroit, a non-profit that engages Detroiters through retail entrepreneurship contests.

“Place Matters” cited among the best venue to tell the story of community engagement and placemaking

Nov. 30, 2011, 10:37 a.m., Posted by Elizabeth R. Miller



“Place Matters,” a weekly radio program, is being featured in The Atlantic as among one of the “best venues to tell the story” of placemaking and community engagement.

Profiling the innovating placemaking work of various cities, the program also showcases successful ideas from everyday citizens who are involved in making their communities a better place to live.