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    FIU names Knight Innovator in Residence

    Aug. 14, 2014, 11:01 a.m., Posted by Alex de Carvalho

    Alex de Carvalho is the first Knight Innovator in Residence at Florida International University.

    In the last decade, a wave of innovation in digital technologies has transformed the way we produce, deliver and consume media. As digital services, social utilities and smart devices grow in features and sophistication, the media industry must continue to adapt and redefine how they employ new technologies – or they will inevitably fall by the wayside. Companies of all sizes must also learn to employ, master and innovate digitally if they are to effectively compete in a faster and more crowded communications landscape.

    Over the past eight years of creating professional associations and tech events, I have found myself in mentoring positions; it was a calling I didn’t realize I had. Through my successive work experiences, the common thread has been in helping companies and people to communicate better and more effectively online. My experiences in the U.S. and in Europe as the founder of media-related startups, as a business strategy and marketing consultant, and as an adjunct professor and small-business educator, have all rewarded me with insights obtained from looking at similar problems from various angles.

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    Knight-Mozilla Fellows take on era of ‘no excuses,’ public data demands

    Aug. 14, 2014, 10:58 a.m., Posted by Jenna Buehler

    Above: 2014 Knight-Mozilla fellows. 

    In newsrooms around the globe, data experts are embracing daily challenges from their ever-demanding, increasingly info-savvy audience.

    The third class of Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellows is developing solutions to these demands in seven newsrooms: Internews in Kenya, La Nacion, The New York Times,  ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and The Washington Post. Each fellow creates tools that empower journalists and citizens to access complicated relationships hidden in the untouched stacks of data and research. Mozilla initiated the program in 2010, and Knight Foundation has supported it since 2011.

    The latest discoveries include: the pay gap between men and women in the San Francisco Bay Area, patient reviews of  hospitals across Texas, and a new method to forecast the outcomes of Congressional elections to be released this fall.

    Members of the code community -- with and without journalism experience -- are partnered with newsrooms as part of the Knight-Mozilla fellowships program.

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    Simple steps of creativity may inspire big change in Akron, Ohio

    Aug. 14, 2014, 10:57 a.m., Posted by Susan Ruiz Patton

    Photo: League of Creative Interventionists invites Akron neighbors to participate in #CreateAkron.

    Artist Hunter Franks uses people as his medium to break down barriers and make neighborhoods more neighborly.

    It’s simple, really. He invites people to come together – most recently in Akron, Ohio – and they create public, amateur art for the neighborhood to take part in and enjoy.

    Franks has taken his participatory art on a national tour and is concluding his three-week visit to Akron in August. Knight Foundation gave Franks more than $55,000 to add to the tour four Knight cities: Akron, Detroit, Philadelphia and Macon, Ga. Detroit, which he is scheduled to visit next month, is the final city on the Knight tour.  

    His work has included neighborhood love notes on post cards sent to random mailing addresses, a collection of love stories from passersby to show the similarities of human experience and even inspirational sidewalk chalk and duct tape art.

    “We won’t change the face of Akron forever,” Franks said.  The chalk will get washed away by the rain and the duct tape will have to be removed, “but these simple steps will lead to bigger things.”

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