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KCIC winners receive more than a grant

Feb. 17, 2012, 7:51 a.m., Posted by Michele McLellan


Community foundations that win the Knight Community Information Challenge receive more than funding to develop their idea.

Because news, information and digital opportunities represent a new frontier for many foundations, Knight provides important additional resources:

·      The Media Learning Seminar, a gathering of foundation leaders to explore ways to meet information needs. The next Media Learning Seminar is Feb. 20-21, 2012 in Miami and will be livestreamed to a wider audience.

·      Access to Knight circuit riders, who can provide technical support to guide grantmakers attempting information projects.

·      The Knight Community Information Challenge Boot Camp, hosted by Knight Digital Media Center at USC/Annenberg. This is an intensive, four-day seminar for managers of the winning projects to be held in September 2012.

New site amplifies role of young people to create positive social change

Feb. 16, 2012, 10:43 a.m., Posted by Elizabeth R. Miller



Today, a new website is launching to provide a common platform for youth to share, learn and amplify the role of young people in creating positive social change. features a map to display events, organizations and projects across global issues areas allowing young people to discover more about the opportunities to get involved in their own communities or about global developments across the issues that matter to them.

The knowledge hub collects information tool kits and best practices to allow new projects to benefit from the successes and lessons learned from previous efforts of youth organizers.  

The new site will also help organizations effectively share information about their projects, to promote projects and initiatives collaboratively, and to help track and celebrate the collective progress being made worldwide to tackle the world's most challenging issues.

Using online forums to boost deep dish pizza sales - and engage people least likely to participate online

Feb. 16, 2012, 9:09 a.m., Posted by Minnesota E-Democracy.Org

By Steven Clift, founder and executive director of

Do you have a “go to” place online where you connect with your neighbors?  A place where you can get to know people who live near you with incredibly different backgrounds, cultures and interests?

Isn’t it awesome? I think so.

In my own neighborhood of Standish and Ericsson in Minneapolis, I am digitally surrounded by almost 1,000 of my neighbors - about 20% of the households in my area - on a public online “neighbors forum.”

In just the last few weeks, we sent deep dish pizza sales through the roof at a new pizza delivery place struggling to get established, generated local elected officials’ help to take on the FAA over surprise airplane route changes rattling windows, directed neighbors to local Girl Scouts for cookies, and helped a mom find out how to request a new stop sign at a dangerous intersection after she posted saying, “I want my children alive.” Last fall when I started a topic about what are we thankful for, a Dakota neighbor spoke of traditional Native American sites walking distance from all of us.