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About our Knight News Challenge strategy

2015 Challenge #1: 
"How might we better inform voters and increase civic participation before, during and after elections?" 

Winners: 22 ideas win Knight News Challenge: Elections (7/21/2015)

Coming soon: Second Knight News Challenge of 2015 will focus on data (6/3/2015)

The Knight News Challenge accelerates media innovation by funding the best breakthrough ideas in news and information. Winners receive a share funding and support from Knight’s network of influential peers and advisers to help advance their ideas. Innovators from all industries and countries are invited to participate.

The Knight News Challenge accelerates media innovation by funding breakthrough ideas in news and information. Since 2007 Knight Foundation has reviewed more than 10,000 News Challenge applications and provided more than $37 million in funding to 111 projects.

Winners include leading Internet entrepreneurs, emerging media innovators and legacy newsrooms. DocumentCloud, which helps journalists analyze, annotate and publish original source documents, is being used by more than 200 newsrooms nationwide. Ushahidi has helped map information in crises from Haiti to Japan. hNews, a project by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and the Media Standards Trust, allows readers to see the source of information in online articles. It is used by more than 200 newsrooms such as the Associated Press.

What’s your breakthrough innovation? Learn more and apply today.

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