Richard Florida Creativity Group

Richard Florida Creativity Group

Date Awarded
Grant Period
10/01/06 to 10/01/08
Focus Areas
Engaged Communities, Fostering the Arts
Charlotte, Duluth, Tallahassee

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To launch the Knight Creative Communities Initiative, an effort to inspire community engagement and major change using a unique approach that focuses on the technology, talent and tolerance of a place

The Knight Creative Communities Initiative will be a phased program with modules for leadership training, strategic benchmarking and research, and the potential to develop a codified "playbook" for use by Knight communities in their pursuit of community transformation. Richard Florida Creativity Group (RFCG) will present a series of Creative Community Leadership Seminars to train foundation staff and selected community leaders. The curriculum will be based on Florida's Three T (technology, talent and tolerance) theories of economic and community development.

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Project Team

Rodgers Frantz