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Unbox Akron

Fostering a stronger connection to the city by creating a subscription service that celebrates Akron with a monthly selection of local goods and experiences delivered in a box. 

Citymart USA Demonstration Project

To demonstrate an innovative approach to city government procurement that could generate substantial cost-savings for cities, create greater transparency and accountability in the procurement process, match the needs in the community with the best available solutions, and create a clearer model for citizen engagement and open up cities to local social and urban entrepreneurship.

Jane's Walk

To expand the Jane's Walk program into Knight resident communities and develop a model and set of resources for expansion into other cities across the U.S.

Creative Interventions Tour

To support various creative placemaking activities, facilitated by Hunter Franks, that will inspire robust engagement and change perceptions of place in Knight communities.

Better Block

To fund Team Better Block activities, which trains local leaders to improve their neighborhood through participatory placemaking in three Knight Foundation Communities; Akron, Macon and Philadelphia.

Akron Microenterprise Initiative

To accelerate the institute's small loan lending and technical assistance programs within the city to support entrepreneurs and neighborhood businesses.

Micro business center

To create a multiuse space at the library to support emerging entrepreneurs, maker activities, digital media creation and community meetings

1—12 of 14 results