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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
Better Block Foundation Better Block Foundation Akron and others $775,000 01.01.2016
Carolina Civic Theatre goes digital Foundation for the Carolinas Charlotte $1,600,000 15.12.2015
Trees Charlotte Trees Charlotte Charlotte $240,000 15.12.2015
Trees Charlotte endowment The Miami Foundation Charlotte $2,000,000 08.12.2015
West Side Business Development CCCP Trust Charlotte $1,508,000 01.07.2015
The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation Daily tous les jours Charlotte and others $325,000 30.03.2015
Knight Charlotte Cycling Fund Foundation for the Carolinas Charlotte $600,000 01.01.2015
Historic Carolina Theater in Charlotte Foundation for the Carolinas Charlotte $550,000 23.12.2014
New Civics Practitioners Conference Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation Inc. Aberdeen and others $197,000 14.11.2014
Welcoming America Welcoming Cities Charlotte and others $1,025,000 01.10.2014
New Americans Campaign Immigrant Legal Resource Center Charlotte and others $1,012,500 01.07.2014
Jane's Walk The Municipal Art Society of New York Akron and others $58,000 01.02.2014
Creative Interventions Tour Hunter Franks Akron and others $59,176 01.01.2014
Project LIFT Foundation for the Carolinas Charlotte $75,000 01.11.2013
Digital Public Library of America Open Knowledge Commons Akron and others $1,000,000 01.10.2012

1—15 of 15 results