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Miami-Dade Cultural Passport

To help 120,000 to 140,000 Miami-Dade County Public Schools students experience South Florida’s cultural richness, the school board will sponsor an arts field trip in every grade. The Cultural Passport program will reach more than 130,000 public school students.

Opera Free-for-all Subscriber Outreach

To convert contest winners of free tickets from Florida Grand Opera's February 2010 Free-For-All project into ticket purchasers through an outreach campaign by providing discounted tickets to performances in Miami-Dade and Broward counties

Oscar Niemeyer Interactive Exhibit

To expose South Floridians to the mind of controversial modern architect Oscar Niemeyer with an interactive exhibit showcasing his creative process

Palm Beach Poetry Festival

To attract poetry writers and the general public to South Florida from across America and over the Atlantic with a poetry festival offering eight nationally advertised workshops led by critically acclaimed poets

Rhythms of Africa Music Program

To involve approximately 30 children, ages 13 to 16, with limited musical sophistication in an intensive program of music education in rhythm and percussion

Scholastic Writing Awards Program

To encourage students and teachers to stretch their creativity and achieve beyond standardized tests through the Scholastic Writing Awards of Miami-Dade, the forum for identifying and motivating the community's next generation of writers

Sleepless Night 2011

 The city of Miami Beach will inspire and bring South Florida together with a third Sleepless Night festival featuring indoor and outdoor art and performances across Miami Beach. The 13-hour festival, to be observed at the end of daylight saving time 2011, will feature more than 150 performances, exhibits and cultural events at more than 80 locations, including five outdoor stages. As many as 150,000 attendees are expected to share a newfound sense of community as they mingle and experience the work of 300 artists. The festival also aims to stimulate tourism and the local economy by attracting crowds to the city.

The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl

To draw younger, music-oriented audience members to the Miami Art Museum and to introduce them to contemporary art through an exhibition titled "The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl"

The Red Thread

To produce approximately 62 performances of The Red Thread, a world-premiere play inspired by ancient Chinese folktales, for an estimated 16,000 children, teachers, family members and nonprofit program staff between April and December 2011

Urban Reef: Coral Morphologic

To support the expanded scope of Urban Reef - A series of Fluorescent Coral Video Projections across the City of Miami during Art Basel 2010

Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays

To promote and enhance appreciation for Hispanic culture in Miami through 12 monthly Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays events held in Little Havana

289—300 of 512 results