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TC: Temporary Contemporary

To develop a curated selection of temporary, outdoor artist projects within the City Center/Arts District, a 40-block area that is home to many of South Florida's most prominent cultural facilities and institutions

The Haitian Heritage Art Project

To implement a year-round Haitian Heritage Arts Project, a unique arts-based endeavor that focuses on the revival and creation of traditional Haitian arts and crafts

Unexpected Opera in Unexpected Places

To attract new and challenge existing patrons, broaden the company's repertoire and strengthen its business model by offering underperformed and new operas in unique, intimate and approachable settings and venues

Weird Miami Bus Tours

To integrate the South Florida community with WEIRD MIAMI, a creative city tour that turns locals into tourists as they discover unnoticed and unknown places while tracing undocumented histories, redrawing maps and making new friends

Writer-in-Residence: Young Adult Fiction

To encourage creative writing among the community's teens, ages 13 to 18, with a three-month residency comprising a mentoring program and a forum for creative expression. tool for nonprofit arts

To assure the successful launch of, an innovative fundraising site that will allow cultural organizations in Charlotte and Miami to post projects online and market them to potential donors

Spanish-language Professional Development

To support the presentation of two Spanish-language Professional Development Program workshops for artists in 2011 and 2012 - one in Miami, FL and one in San Jose, CA, two communities with large Spanish-speaking populations

Miami-Dade Public Library System

To create an interactive learning space within the public libraries where young people can learn to use and create digital media as a way to engage with their peers and community

National Citizenship Collaboration

To support the creation of the National Citizenship Collaboration to test new program models, technology, collaboration and resources to enable more immigrants to become naturalized citizens in Detroit, Miami, San Jose, Long Beach and Charlotte

289—300 of 565 results