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GoMap Riga

To create map based social network where people can browse news and engage in civic action through an online local community map

Local Wiki

To create an easy-to-use open source "wiki" platform tailored to the needs of local communities


To develop open-source software allowing "real-time advertising" that can be updated at any time by local business using social media


To interactively chronicle the new uses of social media by the military

Order in the Court 2.0

To clearly show how modern technology can increase access to the courts with a pilot in the Quincy District Court in Massachusetts

PRX StoryMarket

To create StoryMarket, a crowd-funding platform for public radio, so citizens can pay for the professional production of stories they would like to see in the news

CMS Upload Utility

To create a quick way to convert and load multiple newspaper files to a Web site

City Circles

To develop new, open source software allowing commuters using a new light rail route in downtown Phoenix to get news and information


To create Councilpedia, a web project that will help Gotham Gazette expand coverage of New York lawmakers by tapping into what the public knows

61—72 of 113 results