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The Tor Project

To support the online security training of journalists at the annual Tor Developers meeting.

To spur citizen engagement through the distribution of gift cards to participants at the 2014 Florida Philanthropic Network Annual Summit.

The Foundation Center

For 2013 and 2014 support of the Foundation Center's efforts to provide the philanthropic sector with access to free resources and services needed to effectively serve their constituents

New Leaders Council - Philadelphia

To support New Leaders Council (NLC) Philadelphia Institute for three years to recruit, train and promote millennials in Philadelphia to be effective civic and community leaders.

Chicas Poderosas

The grant will support a Chicas Poderosas gathering in Miami to increase the number of women working in newsroom technology.

Creative Interventions Tour

To support various creative placemaking activities, facilitated by Hunter Franks, that will inspire robust engagement and change perceptions of place in Knight communities.

Giving Day Initiative - Columbia

To support the Central Carolina Community Foundation's use of online giving technologies for one year in order to raise their community profile and engage new donors.

Incourage Community Learning

Building on previous Knight Community Information Challenge investments, Incourage will focus on boosting and measuring citizen appetite for information. It will design a grant program to sustain on-going information collection and platforms and will develop the county's news and information ecosystem - allowing good news to become great community action.

New Jersey News Ecosystem

Geraldine Dodge Foundation will build on its work, some supported by previous Knight Community Information Challenge grants, to create a statewide model for a sustainable news ecosystem. It would provide existing and new nonprofit and for-profit news and information organizations with a wide array of services, training and opportunities in a networked environment.

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