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Time Capsule Encryption

We propose to build a time capsule encryption service for archivists, scholars, and journalists. Time capsule encryption is a way to securely send a message into the future, so it cannot be read until a certain date or event. Time capsule encryption is necessary to preserve important cultural records that would otherwise be deleted or forgotten.

JoLT fellowships

To pilot a leadership-building program with a focus in game design and systems thinking to develop transformational media leaders supporting journalism excellence.

Stanford Knight Fellowships

To support journalism excellence by expanding the impact and reach of the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford.

6th Street Dance Studio/WholeProject

To build connections between the urban dance communities in Miami and Detroit through master classes in each city and via video conferencing, anchored by Hardcore Detroit and Miami's 6th Street Dance Studio/Whole Project.

A Host of People

To celebrate the do-it-yourself movement in both food and the arts by creating a site-responsive theater piece performed in community gardens around the city


To support Detroit Dance City Festival, a three-day celebration that provides an opportunity for local and national artists to present their work and strengthen ties in Detroit's dance community

Allied Media Projects

To expand the annual Allied Media Conference to include a full music showcase, further exploring the intersection of art and social change

Andrew Krieger

To weave art into people's everyday lives by creating 'Kamishibai Man,' a bicycle-mounted wooden theater - based on a Japanese tradition - where performers use paper art to tell serial stories


To create a post-industrial homage to the Javanese tradition of shadow puppetry through a modern performance with towering, robotic puppets and gongs

Ballet Folklorico Moyocoyani Izel

To share the traditional dances of Mexico's La Huasteca region by partnering with a local dance group and professionals in Mexico to teach the choreography to Detroiters

Biba Bell

To invite the public to experience both dance and classic architecture by producing 'It Never Really Happened,' an intimate performance inside an apartment in the 1950s Detroit high-rise designed by Mies van der Rohe

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