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Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

To support the expansion and diversification of the Charlotte Symphony's audiences through continued support for its KnightSounds concert series

Civic Data Challenge

To support the National Conference on Citizenship's second annual Civic Data Challenge - turning civic health data into useful community tools

Data Exposition 2013

To provide cash prizes to the winners of the Data Exposition 2013 hosted by the American Statistical Association

Lonely Goat Media

To support the creation of free resources and events for women in media innovation and entrepreneurship

Macon Film Festival

To enhance the ability of Macon Film Festival, Inc. to fulfill its mission of celebrating the art and craft of the moving image by presenting a four day film festival in February of 2013

Media Impact Forum

For Knight's 2013 membership which supports the organization's programs promoting best practices in media philanthropy, and also sponsor a Media Impact Forum event in January 2013

Open Elections

To create a comprehensive, open database of election results in the United States  

Pop Up Archive

To create open-source software for organizing and publishing archival content from small and independent content producers

Safecast Radiation & Air Quality

To build a network of low-cost air quality monitoring devices and data collection in Los Angeles and Detroit, and scale radiation monitoring globally

University Park

For a program-related investment providing direct financial support for University Square and advancing the development of Akron's Exchange neighborhood

25—36 of 338 results