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To interactively chronicle the new uses of social media by the military

Order in the Court 2.0

To clearly show how modern technology can increase access to the courts with a pilot in the Quincy District Court in Massachusetts

PRX StoryMarket

To create StoryMarket, a crowd-funding platform for public radio, so citizens can pay for the professional production of stories they would like to see in the news

Investigative News Network

To establish the Investigative News Network, with the founder of the Voice of San Diego and other foundations, as an entrepreneurial organization

Knight Case Studies Initiative

To extend the original grant as an evaluation is done on distribution and sustainability of the Knight Case Studies Initiative at Columbia University

Link TV

To test a "semantic" news video player and related tools, with a focus on how young news consumers use the tool


To enable the creation of online sites that graphically display local data by neighborhood

The Columbia Daily Tribune

To install and test at The Columbia Daily Tribune newly revised computer code that replicates and then adds to the local data mapping functionality of

American University

For an independent investigation of broadband speeds and availability in the Washington metropolitan region

433—444 of 747 results