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Advantage Carolina Foundation

To address one of the region's most pressing problems - to improve air quality - through a business-led awareness, education and change effort

Mecklenburg Ministries

To inspire more faith leaders to lead an increasingly diverse community in racial reconciliation by expanding an anti-racism program inside congregations and by deepening relationships between black and white clergy

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

To focus the region's attention on dramatic growth over the last 13 years by funding a 2008 Citistates Report and using it to structure a new benchmarking initiative

Foundation for the Carolinas

To transform the way Charlotte addresses critical issues by expanding a tested scenario planning model into a vehicle for redefining civic values, changing decision-making models and strengthening social networks

Generation Engage

To engage Charlotte-area young adults in the democratic process by launching an innovative program that brings political figures to their attention using a variety of technologies


To create, test and release open-source software that links databases to allow citizens of a large city to learn (and act on) civic information about their neighborhood or block

Foundation for the Carolinas

To take to a higher level Charlotte's groundbreaking work in race relations by instituting a method for participating organizations to sharpen their mission-based initiatives through peer review, data analysis and partnerships

Richard Florida Creativity Group

To launch the Knight Creative Communities Initiative, an effort to inspire community engagement and major change using a unique approach that focuses on the technology, talent and tolerance of a place

Knight Theater: Arts and Science Council

For an operating endowment to support extensive new cultural facilities in downtown Charlotte, including a 1,200-seat theater to be named for John S. and James L. Knight

61—72 of 90 results