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Camden Health Explorer

To develop Camden Health Explorer, a dashboard that combines individual and aggregate health information to help policymakers and stakeholders understand and act on local health data

To update and expand, a tool for journalists to easily find Census and other information about communities


To help tell rich multimedia stories by improving a toolkit that allows people to collaboratively produce, curate and publish multimedia projects.


To build a web service and open source tools to display public data in easy-to-understand, highly visual ways

Safecast Radiation & Air Quality

To build a network of low-cost air quality monitoring devices and data collection in Los Angeles and Detroit, and scale radiation monitoring globally

Denver Open Media

To create free open-source software to enable Public Access Television stations to better serve and engage communities


To develop a new, mobile model for disseminating community information by testing a service that notifies residents of a city in India when water is available.

Local Wiki

To create an easy-to-use open source "wiki" platform tailored to the needs of local communities

To empower people to share breaking news by creating a searchable map of events streamed around the world.


To bridge the gap between traditional and citizen media with a web-based tool that aggregates user-generated content during big news events.


To help people and communities make better use of data collected by mobile phones

25—36 of 109 results