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To create a micro-payment system to fund investigative news reports


To develop open-source software allowing "real-time advertising" that can be updated at any time by local business using social media


To safeguard mobile text communication though a simple, secure messaging application that requires no special knowledge from the user.

Check Out the Internet

To bridge the digital divide by allowing New York residents with limited broadband access to borrow portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices for up to a year.

Community Radio in India

To use the latest software and computer-based FM transmitters to reduce the cost of creating rural radio stations

Sochi Reporter

To test the latest social networking and user-generated-content tools in a small Russian town about to host the Olympics


Supporting government innovation by creating tools and servers that meet government regulations, so that developers can easily build and adopt new technology


To develop a service to allow users to better report, track and resolve errors, issues and problems in news coverage

To empower people to share breaking news by creating a searchable map of events streamed around the world.


To enable radio stations to transmit over cellular phone networks and citizens to set up their own radio stations

CMS Upload Utility

To create a quick way to convert and load multiple newspaper files to a Web site

49—60 of 129 results