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Social media and opinion research tool

For a proof of concept to match news and social sentiment with polling and socioeconomic demographics to create an open public opinion reporting and analysis tool.

The Tor Project

To develop an open security toolkit for journalists, allowing them to avoid digital surveillance by governments and other groups

XO Laptops for Project L.I.F.T.

To provide laptops to 3,200 K-5 students in order to increase digital access as part of a large-scale community initiative focused on student achievement


To help people and communities make better use of data collected by mobile phones

To empower people to share breaking news by creating a searchable map of events streamed around the world.

To develop a collaborative organizing dashboard for governments, outside organizations and the public to use in disaster response and other situations.

To help newsrooms optimize editorial decision making by providing a dashboard that tracks stories through social networks and across competitor sites.


To make it easier to find and watch high quality video news through a new iPad app


SnipSnap is a mobile app that enables users to scan, share and redeem coupons with their mobile phones.


To support TurboVote's deployment, testing, and expansion on college campuses in Miami


PolicyMic is an online media network that redefines engagement with the news. On PolicyMic, the more you respond to articles, share your ideas, and accumulate credibility from others, the more you'll be able to do and say. PolicyMic has built a unique, dynamic, growing community with diverse political viewpoints that encourages ongoing discussion and engagement.


Chute is dramatically lowering the cost of collecting visual media and converting it into usable information. 

133—144 of 278 results