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SnipSnap is a mobile app that enables users to scan, share and redeem coupons with their mobile phones.


To support TurboVote's deployment, testing, and expansion on college campuses in Miami


PolicyMic is an online media network that redefines engagement with the news. On PolicyMic, the more you respond to articles, share your ideas, and accumulate credibility from others, the more you'll be able to do and say. PolicyMic has built a unique, dynamic, growing community with diverse political viewpoints that encourages ongoing discussion and engagement.


Chute is dramatically lowering the cost of collecting visual media and converting it into usable information. 

Midnight Madness

To engage new audiences in the visual arts by launching With Art Philadelphia, a two-year joint marketing program that includes late-night happenings for younger audiences at local museums

Skateable City

To help transform neighborhoods by turning blacktop lots into art-laden skate parks


Umbel is an audience measurement company that uses big data from social and other sources to dramatically increase digital publishers’ understanding of their audience and online advertising revenue. Umbel does this by correlating audience social information with web analytics and other data to create real insight into who the audience is, what they like and who might be interested in reaching them.

TED Prize: The City 2.0

To leverage Knight's tech for engagement initiative with the 2012 TED Prize: The City 2.0, which will identify and support innovative citizen engagement programs in cities and distribute these models to other cities around the world

133—144 of 276 results