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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
Knight Digital Media Center University of California, Berkeley $250,000 01.06.2012
News21 Project Deans Meeting President and Fellows of Harvard College $50,000 01.05.2012
News21 Accountability Project Northwestern University $115,000 01.10.2011
News21: 'Chasing the Campaign' University of Southern California $115,000 01.10.2011
News21: 'Hunting Corruption' University of California, Berkeley $115,000 01.10.2011
News21: 'New York World' Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York $115,000 01.10.2011
News21: 'Powering A Nation' University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill $115,000 01.10.2011
News21 Project The Miami Foundation, Inc. $2,100,000 01.07.2011
News21 President and Fellows of Harvard College $450,000 01.07.2008
News21 Project Arizona State University $4,875,000 01.07.2008
News21 Project Deans Meetings President and Fellows of Harvard College $200,000 07.04.2005
News21 University of California, Berkeley $1,500,000 15.03.2005

1—12 of 12 results