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Our goal at Knight Foundation is to preserve the best aspects of journalism and use innovation to expand the impact of information in the digital age. We fund more than $30 million in new projects each year in journalistic excellence; entrepreneurship and innovation; and open information systems.

Journalistic Excellence: Accurate and thoughtful journalism engages people and strengthens democracy. We support the development of new organizational models; the exploration of new storytelling methods; projects that build skills in journalists; and initiatives that sustain journalistic values, such as freedom of expression. Examples include The Texas Tribune, the Free to Tweet campaign and News21.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators:  Transformational leaders who work through an iterative process - researching, prototyping, testing, assessing and repeating the cycle as many times as needed - are moving the field forward. We support talented and skilled leaders; empower creative people and focus creative energies; and support diversity in leadership.  Examples include the International Center for Journalists, the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project and the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. The Knight Prototype Fund supports projects with grants of $35,000 and helps teams and individuals test early-stage ideas. For many grantees, it serves as the introduction to our Journalism and Media Innovation program.

Open Information Systems: Access to information is crucial to empower communities. We support systems and standards for the free flow of information; projects that turn open data into useful products; and initiatives that support values of the open Web. Examples include The Sunlight Foundation, Wikipedia Zero and projects such as the winners of Knight News Challenge: Open Gov.



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