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Knight Foundation seeks a skilled organizational development professional with an achievement and accountability mindset. With a strong sense of urgency and a desire to drive results, you will build the performance-related supports, tools and infrastructure that help to power the performance outcomes we seek. You will ensure accountability by measuring your outcomes and supporting others to measure theirs. With a  deep understanding of what the foundation is trying to achieve, and your experience studying human behavior and evaluating talent, you will also manage the foundation’s work to attract, retain and develop top talent. 

You will report to the VP/Administration in our Coconut Grove headquarter offices and be a key member of both the Human Resources and Administration team and the foundation.  

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Create full and flowing pipelines of diverse talent ready to take on the foundation’s challenges 
  • Know the foundation’s strategies and outcome goals to most effectively partner and support performance goals 
  • Design methods for measurement of outcomes 
  • Design the competency models and performance interventions needed to drive performance outcomes 
  • Perform job analysis and revise job descriptions as the work changes 
  • Support leadership team in evolving the organizational structure and culture  
  • Lead change management for big, organizational shifts  

Things we look for in a successful candidate:  

  • Eight to 12 years of experience in an organizational development role 
  • Ability to easily switch between a strategic and tactical mindset with a no job too big or too small attitude 
  • Proactive approach to building relationships with a wide variety of people; engaging their input in the service of getting results 
  • Ability to adapt your thinking to the pace of change and try things that have never been tried before  
  • Acting with a clear sense of ownership and follow through on commitments and requiring the same from others 
  • Pursuing everything with urgency, energy and the need to finish 
  • Able to decide and act without having the full picture 

We are social investors who support a more effective democracy by funding free expression and journalism, arts and culture in community, research in areas of media and democracy, and in the success of American cities and towns where the Knight brothers once published newspapers. 

Our approach is inclusive and non-partisan; we value freedoms of speech and the press, and we often embrace new and innovative technology to achieve our goals. The qualities we look for are openness to new ideas; courage to push for change; and the expertise and tenacity to achieve the desired results. Tell us what excites you about this opportunity and why you are right for it. 

Knight Foundation offers competitive pay and a generous benefits package, collects and monitors vaccination status and is an equal opportunity employer. 

This is an in-office position located in Miami. 

Send your resume to: [email protected] 

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