A New Year, A New Art Association


While the Miami and Wynwood art scene has grown and morphed tremendously over the last number of years, once in a while the actual art dealers and galleries

have felt a little, well, left out. So as 2011 arrives, so too does a new association dedicated to the promotion and development of the fine-art business. Called the Miami Art Dealers Association, or MADA, the first meeting of the 30-plus galleries and dealers took place in November, to ready themselves for a new year in visual arts.

The mission of MADA is emphasize ethical practices and to help pool resources and money in a community too many felt was too splintered, to the detriment of good business. The nonprofit MADA aims “to develop cooperative gallery marketing programs; create a strong lobbying body to local, state and national agencies; to negotiate cost savings for expenses such as advertising, fair participation, insurance, shipping, etc; creation of a website and other electronic marketing platforms; establish cooperative collector development programs; and develop further programs to benefit the advancement of the Miami dealer to the community.”

Many of the galleries could recently be found at Scope, Pulse and Art Miami, and so far it is an impressive list of those involved in the steering committee:

•   Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

•  Dot Fifty One Gallery

•   Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery

•   Calix Gustav Gallery

•   Gallery Diet

•  Charest Weinberg Gallery

•   Dina Mitrani Gallery

•   Chelsea Gallery

•   Gallery ID

•  Kelley Roy Gallery

•   Nina Torres Gallery

•  Pan American Gallery

•   Spinello Gallery

•  Zadok Art Gallery

•   Helene Lemarque Gallery

•   Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art

•   Diana Lowenstein Gallery

•  Hardcore Gallery

For more information on the Miami Art Dealers Association, contact Dorothy Long, [email protected]; or Isaac Perelman [email protected].