Downtown Live & Local NEOS Dance Theatre pop-up performances

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By Suzie Graham, president, Downtown Akron Partnership

There is something beautiful about unexpected bright things. Sunny skies and 84 degree weather is expected on a typical day in Downtown Akron in the summertime, but we don’t take it for granted. Employees and families take to the streets to soak up the sunshine, smiling at passersby and bumping into colleagues on the sidewalk en route to a lunchtime walk, bike ride, trip to the Farmer’s Market or a favorite outdoor dining destination.

Such a spot is the outdoor café at the John S. Knight Center. Their weekly open air lunch made for a perfect setting for something unexpectedly fun, inspiring and beautiful. Dancers from NEOS Dance Theatre entranced the lunchtime crowd on Friday, June 27 at the Akron Art Museum and the John S. Knight Center with the support of John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Downtown Akron Partnership.

The pop up performance activated the Downtown spaces, calling attention to the incredible gift of talent we have in our neighborhood. Talented artists who, unlike the summer weather, we often take for granted.

Our artists are an important part of our social fabric, and they build the value of our community by filling it with things to do, giving meaning to places, and inspiring discussion and change. These are the assets that draw talent to our area, giving it a sense of place, a character and a desirable appeal that connect us to our community.