‘Knight Cities’ podcast: A conversation with Gil Penalosa on building better communities

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Copenhagen regularly tops the list of the world’s best cities. It is celebrated for its culture of conviviality, elevated by the large number of people walking, biking and lingering in the city’s streets and public spaces. Sign up for Episode Alerts Subscribe

That’s why on Saturday civic leaders and innovators from nine Knight communities will head to Copenhagen for a working tour on building better, more livable cities. Leading the tour will be Gil Penalosa, executive director of the Canadian nonprofit 8-80 Cities. Gil is the former commissioner of parks, sport and recreation for the city of Bogota, Colombia, and has been an outspoken and persuasive global champion of cities for all — for people ages 8 to 80.

Before heading to Copenhagen, Gil talked with us this week on “Knight Cities.” He dismissed much of what cities are doing to increase cycling and walking — maps and stripes on the street for bike lanes — and instead urged quick-start actions that are bold but affordable.  And he explained how to win over public officials to the cause.

My conversation with Gil is posted here.  

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Carol Coletta is vice president of community and national initiatives at Knight Foundation.

Gil Penalosa with his bike.