Love Life Music & Arts Festival

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I’m sitting at Hartsfield International Airport thinking about love and life while looking at the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet. Delta Airlines dominates the landscape here, just like love seems to dominate the landscape of life. Possibly in honor of this all-too-human fact, The Love Life Foundation has created 3rd Annual Love Life Music & Arts Festival (LLMAF) as a fundraising art event to help fuel the programs offered by the foundation. The festival will take place at Armory Studios in Wynwood on November 10th.

Love Life Music & Arts Festival.

“The Love Life Music & Arts Festival is geared to bringing in the most paramount and independent visual and performing artists, musicians, film directors, fashion, innovators and the like all in one significant and spectacular event,” says Rimidi, a singer-songwriter and LLMAF’s director. Spectacular and packed, the dizzying lineup spans live music performers “from indie bands and artists varying from soul to alternative rock.” The festival will also feature live art painting and exhibition, a DJ competition, film screenings and a fashion show featuring eclectic, innovative fashions that transcend the avant-garde.

The mission of Love Life Music & Arts Festival is to support local artists across genres and expose them to the broader community. “It is an essential belief of LLMAF to bring art to the people that they may not otherwise be exposed to,” says Rimidi. “Exposing the artists to an audience they may not have reached.” Besides bringing art to the community, the Love Life Foundation is building a foundation for the future of Miami artists.

The Love Life Music and Arts Festival will take place November 10th at Armory Studios, 572 NW 23rd St.,  Miami; 305-815-2981; Admission: $10 plus service fee.