Public Spaces Fellowship FAQ


Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the application process.

About the Fellowship

  • Is there a formal definition of "public spaces" you're using?

  • How many fellows will be selected?

  • How long is the commitment for this fellowship?

  • Will candidates be asked to propose a project to be executed in the application? And should it already be in progress?­

  • What are the expectations for when the fellowship is completed?

  • Will candidates be asked to propose a project to be executed in the application? And should it already be in progress?­

  • Can the fellowship be used for developing programming, not only for building something?

  • What is Knight hoping to learn from or accomplish through this fellowship program?­

  • Do fellows meet? How often?

  • Can fellows continue to work while they are in receipt of the fellowship?

  • If a fellow has a team-based idea, would members of their team be able to participate in learning opportunities or just the fellow? ­

About the fellowship funding

  • Is there any monetary compensation for the fellows?

  • Are there any stipulations for how the fellowship money is used?

  • Will the grant money go to the individual or to the organization the individual is affiliated with?


  • Who are you looking for as a fellow?

  • What kind or amount of experience or education is necessary to qualify for this fellowship?

  • Can you give examples of what you would consider "a proven track record of work"?

  • Would you consider a nominee who works in digital public spaces?­

  • Would you consider an artist that engages a public through arts education and temporal experiences?­

  • Are fellows working in government/the private sector/academia eligible to apply?

  • Do the nominees have to belong to one organization, or would it include nominees who have worked with several organizations?­

  • Are fellows from any U.S. city eligible to apply?

  • Will preference be given to nominees working in Knight communities?­

  • Can a candidate propose working in a city other than the one they live in?

  • Is there an assumption that a candidate will be doing work in only a single community?

  • Is the Fellowship open to only individuals or can two or more practitioners who work collectively apply?

  • Can a candidate work in public spaces that are owned by a different entity than they work for?

  • Can the fellow be part of an organization or a team?

  • Can more than one candidate apply from an organization?­

Nomination Process

  • What is the deadline for submitting the nomination?

  • What is asked of a nominator?

  • Can I self-nominate?

  • Will the person who nominates me or the number of times I am nominated be factor in considering my application?

  • What happens after I nominate someone?

  • Will the nominee know that I have nominated him or her?

  • Is there a limit to how many people I can nominate?­

  • If a colleague is nominating me, do they have to set up their own Submittable account or can I submit through my existing Submittable acct on their behalf?­

  • Can a person both nominate candidates and be nominated as a candidate themselves?

  • What is asked of a nominator?

Application Process

  • Where is the link to the complete fellowship application?

  • How many people do you expect will be invited to submit applications?

  • What is required in the full application form?

  • Does the person who nominates a fellowship candidate also fill out the application if candidate is invited to apply? Or at that point will the actual fellowship candidate be the one to fill out the final application? ­

  • Can a video be part of a work sample?­

  • What is the deadline for completing the full application form?

Evaluation Process 

  • What is the selection process like?

  • How are recipients notified?

  • Are you looking for diversity among the fellows in terms of backgrounds, skills and knowledge?

Public Spaces

  • How does Knight strategy fit into this fellowship?

  • Why is this fellowship focused on public spaces?

  • What are some examples of public space work Knight Foundation has funded?

Have additional questions?

Listen to a recorded informational webinar or email [email protected] for more information.