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Under the ground rules of this project, I recorded and transcribed every interview. I then returned to my sources and asked them to review and edit as they wished both the transcripts and the text that cited or quoted them. Nearly all returned the materials with minor corrections or clarifications. I am certain that the end product is of higher quality as a result. While I did my best to integrate into the text the most insightful or relevant observations or opinions of these professionals and educators, it was of course impossible to include them all. Rather than reducing the complexity and imagination of our conversations to a few brief paragraphs, I have decided to include as appendices the transcripts—edited for clarity and accuracy—in their entirety. They are presented in alphabetical order by last name. In addition—and presented first here—is an essay written by Sarah Bartlett, dean of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, which poses provoking questions about the state of American journalism education. I have quoted it extensively in the text, and I include it here with her permission.