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To support the planning and development of new Web 2.0 editorial and business strategies for an online news site covering the European Union

George Washington University

To create a multimedia online discussion and opinion site where the best arguments become part of a periodic PBS special

The Five Freedoms Project

To expand programming while supporting new organizational leadership capacity and long-term strategic development

Harvard University

To expand and improve a citizen media law project that provides legal education, resources and assistance to individuals, organizations and Knight grantees.

Center for Public Integrity

To transform the Center for Public Integrity into a news organization that uses the latest digital production and distribution tools, along with social networking, to form new reporting and distribution partnerships

Public Insight Network

To expand Public Insight Journalism to an open-source platform and extend it beyond public radio and into Knight communities

Chi-Town Daily News

To expand the local reporting capacity of Chi-Town Daily News and provide a viable alternate local news site

1—12 of 55 results