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Saambaa enables newsrooms to publish local information and entertainment content on a branded mobile app that helps them generate revenue and connect with a younger audience


Podcasting production and distribution


Social media headline optimization for media and brands.

Pop Up Archive

Organizing sound and making it searchable, so journalists and scholars can tell stories better.


News repurposed to promote reading education and literacy.


Endaga empowers anyone, anywhere to run their own cellular networks and brings connectivity to the billion people internationally without it.


Platform connecting professionals with nonprofit volunteer opps.

Beacon Reader

Beacon Reader enables people to fund journalism and subscribe to writers directly.


Seene app enables 3D photography from mobile phones.


Very secure mobile communications


Poetica is a seamless way to get feedback on anything you've written, from friends, colleagues or anyone else who can help improve your words. Upload your text to Poetica's browser-based editor and give and receive feedback as if you'd printed your writing off and marked it up with a pen

1—12 of 36 results