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Data Toys

To create several prototypes for data toys: experimental, digitally-enabled devices that allow users to explore data and systems through play

FOIA Machine

FOIA Machine will aid journalist and private citizens in accessing millions of important governmental documents around the world that are covered by freedom of information laws (which exist in more than 90 countries). 


GroundTruth is a communications platform designed to help journalists, researchers and community organizers establish engagement with people who have valuable expertise via text messages and mobile phones.


The mission of Kon*Fab is to explore news and information through a more serendipitous discovery.

UNICEF Data Severity Index

The Data Severity Index will increase the efficiency of government action by prioritizing disaster risk reduction data and allowing for more intelligent filtering.

News Aggregator

To build and test a location-based, mobile news aggregator to help individuals connect to news that is trending in their area, as the first phase of a project to build pop-up civic spaces based on news and information

The Rashomon Project

To develop a tool for organizing multiple videos recorded at a public event into a single timeline


To prototype an application that fact checks speeches and other live content in real time and delivers relevant information to viewers

Social media and opinion research tool

For a proof of concept to match news and social sentiment with polling and socioeconomic demographics to create an open public opinion reporting and analysis tool.

Drone Journalism

To fund research and experimentation into the use of drone vehicles as news and information-gathering tools, to study the ethics of these techniques and to publish case studies and best-practices guides

1—12 of 12 results