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ACT for Alexandria

For the ACTion Network, a public issues online forum where problems are posted, debated and citizens decide on what actions to take in response

Akron Digital Media Center

To establish a digital media center that trains citizen journalists whose content is broadcast to downtown projection screens and posted to existing online site in partnership with the local newspaper

Be Counted, Represent

To use cellular phones and other technologies to alert Latino youth to the importance of census participation

To develop an online website,, with news, information, analysis and discussion about Connecticut state government and public policy

Community Forums

To create NPR-style forums organized around six key sectors using radio and online

Community Information Action Agenda

To develop a "community information action agenda" for filling holes in the information ecosystem. The proposed grant builds on the previous Community Information Challenge grant made in late 2008

To make an information source for news by and about mature citizens of the area


To create a digital platform for engaging the seven-county region in development and use of greenways and green spaces they share

To expand reporting capacity of Florida health news coverage in Tallahassee, Bradenton and Miami

New Jersey Spotlight

To create a public information news service providing always-on website, weekly newsletter and tools for data analysis and web discussion forums

1—12 of 23 results