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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
Atavist Atavist $None 03.07.2012
Beacon Reader Beacon Reader $None 11.04.2014
Captricity Captricity $None 14.09.2012
Catchafire Catchafire $None 20.06.2014 $None 27.12.2013
Chute Chute $None 17.05.2012
Endaga Endaga $None 29.07.2014
GroundTruth The World Press Institute $None 09.11.2012 Guide $None 05.02.2013
Kon*Fab The Miami Foundation, Inc. $None 09.11.2012
Naytev Naytev $None 16.09.2014
New model for local civic engagement Miami $None 02.12.2014
News Aggregator Forty Ninth Parallel $None 01.11.2012
Newsela Newsela $None 26.08.2014
OpenCounter Open Counter Enterprises, Inc. $None 21.06.2013 $None 23.06.2013
Own Local Own Local $None 01.07.2011
Poetica Poetica $None 18.02.2014
PolicyMic PolicyMic $None 29.05.2012
Pop Up Archive Pop Up Archive $None 12.09.2014
Public Stuff Public Stuff $None 10.10.2012
Seene Obvious Engineering $None 19.03.2014
Senzari Senzari $None 29.05.2013
SnagFilms SnagFilms LLC $None 01.05.2010

1—24 of 3232 results