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!nstant mobile app

To create !nstant, a mobile app designed to verify and provide context to breaking news on social media.

596 Acres

596 Acres, in partnership with the New Orleans Food & Farm Network, will build an online vacant lot finder, Living Lots, to be prototyped in New Orleans. The platform will connect citizens with land-use data and offer an organized approach to engage with government processes.

American Public Media - Audio Search

The American Public Media (APM) Audio Search prototype will determine whether it is possible to provide full-text search of audio files, using open source software to automate the creation of text transcriptions of APM digital audio.

Arduino Noise

To create a Arduino-based noise measurement device and software for data journalism projects informed by community hacking events and prototype tests.


To build a prototype of a news aggregation application, Argos (formerly Seer), which intelligently gathers the context of new stories and present news backgrounders in a concise, digestible form.

Chicago Food

To develop strategies to engage with targeted communities currently being missed through Chicago's Twitter-based food poisoning incident detection system.

Civic Cloud

To create a prototype rollout and governance model for the Civic Cloud Project, a cloud computing infrastructure utilizing Burlington, Vermont's public gigabit network for non-commercial Internet applications.

Civic IQ

To build a prototype, Web-based online deliberation tool that drives consensus decision making amongst a group of diverse strangers.


This project will facilitate connections between journalists. CollabMatch is a platform that will help journalists use their existing LinkedIn profile to connect with others based on location and/or expertise.

Crosscloud Project

The Crosscloud Project is a set of protocols that will allow computer systems to securely share data. The system will allow better data portability for individuals and solve major problems with walled-garden and data silos. 

1—12 of 52 results