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    A new collaboration between Pérez Art Museum Miami and Cannonball Miami aims to provide some clarity in the face of one of the biggest challenges confronting South Florida: climate change. “I think a lot of the themes that we are going to be covering as a part of this initiative will have resonance with Miami,” […]

    Article · June 24, 2015 by

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    For its next dinner supporting local arts and innovation projects, Miami Soup will collaborate with Filmgate Miami, a collective aiming to redefine storytelling with immersive visual content. This pairing is just another sign of Miami’s emergence as a hotspot for developing filmmakers. “Filmgate Miami has an initiative to highlight the local talent here in Miami […]

    Article · June 16, 2015 by

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    Photo: Nu Deco Ensemble performs its second suite, Adam Schoenberg’s Third Movement, Rondo, from “American Symphony.” Credit: Alec Schwartzman. Miami Light Project turned down the lights and upped the ambiance for Saturday’s sold-out Bang on a Can marathon featuring Bang on a Can All-Stars, Spam Allstars and Knight Arts Challenge winner Nu Deco Ensemble. The […]

    Article · June 10, 2015 by

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    A booming voice backed by bass envelops the stage as Circ X dancers contort their bodies. Above, acrobats soar with gymnastic ease. By comparison, the sometimes risqué soundtrack seems tame. This is just a peek into the wild world of Circ X. Following a set of sold-out shows last fall, Circ X returns this summer […]

    Article · June 8, 2015 by

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    Above: The team behind the social media outlet Booksie, focused on controlling parent oversharing, begins its presentation. Photos by Alec Schwartzman. A little over a year ago, LiveNinja, a software company that connects people with experts through video chat, started serving waffles to its team every Wednesday to keep up office morale. Since then, the […]

    Article · June 5, 2015 by