Program Area

Supporting successful, inclusive cities

What We Fund

Knight is a national foundation with deep local roots. We have offices in eight cities where the Knight brothers once published newspapers, and work through community foundations in 18 others. We work to foster informed and engaged communities, which we believe are essential for a healthy democracy. 

Communities program

Our work in community focuses on attracting and nurturing talent, enhancing opportunity, and fostering civic engagement. Rather than a single approach, we seek to support efforts authentic to each community. 

Learn more about our work in each of the communities where Knight has offices: 

Akron, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Macon, Georgia, Miami, Philadelphia, San Jose, California, St. Paul, Minnesota

In these cities, Knight program directors are your first point of contact. Knight also works in 18 additional communities in partnership with local community foundations. Learn more about the Community Foundations program.

National Initiatives

Our National Initiatives program seeks to accelerate and amplify the work we do in communities by identifying opportunities in common, and ideas that can be shared across communities. Current areas of focus include:

  • Smart cities: Harnessing the growth of digital technology to improve how communities respond, connect to and engage with residents;
  • Public Spaces: Investing in spaces such as parks, trails, libraries to engage and connect residents to each other and to the places where they live, such as through our multi-city initiative, Reimagining the Civic Commons.

In addition, our national program responds to opportunities that emerge from the 26 cities where we work. 

Community and National Initiatives Program staff

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Director/Community Foundations






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Assistant/National Initiatives and Information Technology

Assistant/Community Foundations