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Knight New Work

Today, we are immersed in digital technology, which has blended the physical and virtual worlds. While digital technology can sometimes feel restrictive when designed by a select few for everyone, we now have more access and agency than ever before to utilize digital tools. As we become more familiar with digital technology and its capabilities, we can explore, intervene, organize, resist, plan, and design our collective future.

Knight New Work celebrates artistic creation and collaboration through new modes of production, expression and communication. Since its launch in 2018, digital technologies have played a pivotal role in the development and sharing of new works, resulting in great success. Technology has opened up new modes of expression for artists and enabled them to create works that can reach and immerse broader audiences, ultimately strengthening community ties. Knight New Work invites proposals from artists of all genres and is open to individual artists, collectives and art organizations. Applicants must be based in or have direct ties to the Knight New Work community, proposed works must premiere in that community and incorporate technology.

Applications are reviewed by a national panel of artists, practitioners and Knight Foundation staff and winners are announced publicly.