'Is Paris Burning?'

Via Tigertail Productions, Inc.


To foster the appreciation and understanding of new work and thinking in the dance field with "Is Paris Burning?," a 3-year series of artist-curated and site-specific performances that examine and re-invigorate traditional conceptions of dance in Miami

Tigertail Productions will foster new thinking in dance with “Is Paris Burning?” a series of guest artist encounters, artist-curated events and site-specific performances that examine and reinvigorate traditional choreography. Tigertail will select a Miami-based artist to conceive a program for stage. National dance leaders and choreographers will lead exchanges and discussions on what is happening in the field. The project will bring to Miami choreographers for informal encounters with area choreographers. “Is Paris Burning?” seeks to create new opportunities for Miami choreographers and establish Miami as a place where a new movement and style of dance is taking place.

Project Team

Tigertail Productions, Inc.