Community PlanIT

Via Emerson Engagement Lab


To implement Community PlanIT, an online tool that enables engagement in local community planning efforts, in four Knight communities: Detroit, Akron, San Jose and Philadelphia

Current community planning processes regularly take up to a year and often engage only a handful of residents. Community PlanlT has the ability to change that by speeding up the process to a few days and perhaps most dramatically by increasing citizen participation in local decision making. The platform will expedite community learning and participation around the local planning process through approximately 30 days of online engagement that culminates in a face-to-face meeting with planning officials and other participants

Knight's initial 2010 investment in HUB 2.0, the predecessor to Community PlanlT, resulted in an open-source online social media/game platform for place-based planning. The platform has been implemented in two communities in the Boston area and its effectiveness as an engagement tool has been positively evaluated.

By enlisting unconventional community participants in the process, Community PlanIT addresses the concerns of city planners, government officials and communit-y or-g anizers that too few voices are represented in important local planning efforts.

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