Lip Service: True Stories from All Miami Communities

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To give a voice to more Miami stories by coaching underrepresented members of the community to present a spoken-word performance about their experiences.

To give voice to more Miami stories, Lip Service will create live storytelling performances about personal experiences focused on people who, for a variety of reasons, don’t often have opportunities to tell their stories.  The performances, taking place quarterly at the Miracle Theatre and other community theaters, will be produced in collaboration with local community groups.    

Created by Andrea Askowitz and Esther Martinez, Lip Service gathers, shares and broadcasts true, personal stories from our community. Each quarter, eight stories are chosen from hundreds of submissions. These stories are edited, rehearsed and then read by their authors before a live audience. Through the writing and editing process, the meaning of a life event is crystallized; on stage, personal stories are transformed into art.

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