Landlab Series

Via The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education


To address the city’s environmental issues by hosting artists who will collaborate with scientists to create public environmental artworks and educational programs

In an effort to address the city’s environmental issues, The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and The Center for Emerging Visual Artists will launch an artist residency program that invites professional artists and environmental scientists to work together to create real solutions to threats to Philadelphia’s ecosystems. The program operates on three equal platforms: art creation, ecological restoration and public engagement. Four residencies will grant selected artists resources and space on the Schuylkill’s property to create “ecoventions”: public artworks, often permanent installations, that prevent or remediate environmental damage. The six-month, paid residencies will leverage the curiosity of both artists and scientists to produce new methods for exploration and discovery, in addition to new contemporary artworks.

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education was founded in 1965 as the nation's first urban environmental education organization. Its 365-acre sanctuary serves as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepen understanding, and encourage stewardship of the environment. The Center reaches over 15,000 Philadelphia-area residents each year with an array of educational programs, including standards-based programs for schoolchildren, continuing education for teachers, and a full calendar of events for the public. In 2010 the Center signed conservation easements with Natural Lands Trust, protecting in perpetuity the largest privately-owned tract of land within the Philadelphia city limits.

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