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To create media policy ideas and advance the findings of the Knight Commission on the Information needs of Communities

The New America Foundation is a nonprofit based in Washington D.C. It was founded in 1999 and it is headed by Steve Coll, a 2005 Pulitzer Prize Winner for distinguished non fiction. New America is a new think tank model that uses the work of its fellows, digital media, innovative communication strategies and its network of media connections to analyze, explain and propose policy solutions to challenges on key issues being faced by the United States. The grantee will create a media policy fellowship program at the New America Foundation.

They will create and distribute practical ideas for media reform. The grantee is expected to create ideas that can help set up the framework for a federal media reform that aims to bridge the digital divide and bring communities the information they need. In doing that, the grantee is expected to advance the recommendations made by the Knight Commission. By the end of the grant, policy reforms from Congress and the F.C.C. that arise from the work, ideas and recommendations of the program’s fellows are expected. Ultimately, this project aims to lead to policy changes to help communities get the news and information they need in a democracy.

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