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Already Sleepless, Dreaming of Frozen Music

This weekend I’ve been resting up, and looking ahead to the 130 events crammed into just 13 hours for this year’s Sleepless Night from 6pm to 7am on November 7 on Miami Beach. I do plan to get some sleep on Sleepless Night, though, as long as I can hunker down beside the banks of the Dade Canal and drift of on the “sonic cloud” of Frozen Music.

The canal is alive with wondrous sounds our overcivilized ears cannot hear. Sound artists Gustavo Matamoros, David Dunn, and Rene Barge promise:

an exploration of an outdoor environment in Miami Beach using specialized audio devices capable of hearing the hidden sounds that occur underwater, inside the ground and surrounding plant life, and above or below the normal human hearing range.

And they won’t stop there. They vow to use the most sophisticated technology to cut and mix, and warp and woof these hidden sounds into a “constantly changing auditory fabric.” In other words, it’s all the sounds that nature would make, if she only dared.

Canal can be heard along the Dade Canal as part of Sleepless Night November 7 from 6pm to 7am, Miami Beach.