Broadband in Northern Ohio Gets the National Spotlight

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OneCommunity is an organization located in Akron (and Cleveland!), Ohio, devoted to expanding the use of broadband to spur economic development in Northern Ohio. The organization operates the Knight Center of Digital Excellence, which helps communities across the country take advantage of digital technologies. Last week, US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and FCC Chair Julius Genachowski visited OneCommunity’s backyard to highlight the work being done by groups like OneCommunity and how this work fits into the Obama administration’s plan for the federal stimulus funds:

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke emphasized that many of the programs delivered through OneCommunity in Northern Ohio will serve as an example for the Commerce Department’s work across the country. Locke also stated how important broadband is to the Obama administration, with pervasive high-speed availability laying the groundwork for a better future.

‘Imagine a country where students can take classes from anywhere, where you can have access to world class doctors through the web,’ said Secretary Locke. ‘Not only will this broadband initiative is put people to work immediately building the network, it will enhance the lives of our citizens by providing high speed access at a low cost to provide life-long learning.’

Read more about Locke and Genachowski’s visit to Akron and about the Obama administration’s plans for the stimulus at the Knight Center’s Community Connection.

Clarification: OneCommunity is based in Akron and Cleveland. Locke and Genachowski visited Cleveland for their press conference.