Charlotte nonprofit helps community through tech

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Supported by Knight, Apparo seeks to transform Charlotte nonprofits through technology and services that enhance their mission. The organization blogs about its recent recognition. 

Apparo, formerly NPower Charlotte Region, recently received the state’s highest honor for nonprofits from the N.C. Center for Nonprofits.

The Nonprofit Sector Stewardship Award recognizes organizations that use exemplary practices in their stewardship of the community’s trust and resources.

“We are honoring Apparo for its innovative model of collaboration that links corporations’ technology expertise to support many nonprofits’ vital work in the Charlotte region,” said Jane Kendall, president of the N.C. Center for Nonprofits. “It also sets an example as a nonprofit that carefully evaluates the results of its programs.”

Apparo’s mission is to empower nonprofits through information technology. Its name means “to provide” in Latin. It provides one-on-one consulting, managed services, and help to implement nonprofits’ technology and business solutions. It also matches corporate volunteers with a nonprofit organization in-depth IT coaching assistance.

Whether Apparo’s clients serve homeless neighbors, bring arts and culture to the community, or protect the environment, they all need innovative technology solutions in order to achieve their missions.

Knight Foundation played a significant part in the organization’s growth and success over the past few years. A 2008 grant for $2.75 million helped the organization develop a collaborative, community-based program focused on common solutions. Its approach of engaging sector leaders around technology solutions has helped grow their impact in our community.

NPower first opened its doors in Seattle in 1999. In response to the need for similar services in other communities, it partnered with Microsoft Corporation in 2000 to develop other NPower programs around the country — and the NPower Network was born.

In 2002, 20 visionary leaders of the American Leadership Forum from across the 14 county Charlotte region raised awareness and funding to create an NPower affiliate for our community. NPower Charlotte Region was officially established in 2003 and, through the transition to Apparo, continues to be a key facilitator of technology strategy and solutions development for the nonprofit sector today.