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Coming Monday: First Knight-Mozilla innovation challenge launches

On Monday, the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership will launch its first innovation challenge. The contest (one of three running through May) aims to accelerate media innovation by solving technological challenges, developing new news products and services and – ultimately – embedding technologists in news organizations as Knight Mozilla News Fellows.

For the challenges, designers will be asked to enter ideas in response to these statements:

1. Unlock video: How can new web video tools transform news storytelling? (April 25th) 2. Beyond Comment Threads: How can the open web reinvent online interaction with news (May 9th) 3. Blow our minds: What’s the next killer app for news?(May 23)

Ultimately, members of the Mozilla community will be chosen as Knight Mozilla News Fellows, working in newsrooms around the globe to help solve challenges.

Here’s the idea behind the partnership, from Mozilla’s blog:

We believe that the open web can enable a new kind of journalism—through which people around the world are informed and engaged like never before. News should be delivered across languages, across platforms, across devices. News should put the reader at the center of the story, and stimulate real-time discussion about stories that matter.

Learn more and find out how to get involved here.

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