Hillary Clinton speaks at Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Knight Foundation CEO and Chairman of the Newseum Board of Trustees Alberto Ibarügen introduced Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to an audience at the Newseum today in Washington, D.C.. Secretary Clinton stated that Internet freedom should be a right for everyone, and that the United States has a responsibility in helping protect the free exchange of ideas on the world’s information infrastructure.

Secretary Clinton mentioned the launch of a competition to improve information exchanges:

“… There are companies, individuals, and institutions working on ideas and applications that could already advance our diplomatic and development objectives. The State Department will be launching an innovation competition to give this work an immediate boost. We’ll be asking Americans to send us their best ideas for applications and technologies that help break down language barriers, overcome illiteracy, connect people to the services and information they need. Microsoft, for example, has already developed a prototype for a digital doctor that could help provide medical care in isolated rural communities. We want to see more ideas like that. And we’ll work with the winners of the competition and provide grants to help build their ideas to scale.”

You can watch video of the speech at C-SPAN. A full transcript of the speech is available at the U.S. Department of State.

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