Introducing the 2011 Media Learning Seminar, and the blogger

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My name is Dale and I’m the blogger.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, a few words on what the guy in the lavender shirt and designer suit ( so Miami .. ) is doing here: I’m posting stories and insights from MLS to the Knight site, the sorta official blogger for the conference. I’ve done this for a coupla years now. It’s a gas and always an education. I appreciate Knight asking me back.

I’m the co-founder, curator and catalyst for We Media, a digital innovation company that stirs big ideas about media and society. We stir and stimulate transitioning companies and organizations, as well as provide investment and guidance to startups and entrepreneurial journalists.

We conduct the annual We Media conference and Pitch It! Investment Challenge, which are being in New York City on April 6. The conference was held here in Miami the previous four years. Knight has been a great supporter. Alberto Ibargüen first brought the conference to Miami, and Knight currently funds our pre-Pitch It! boot camp for entrepreneurs.

Knight has been a partner in change. We share an enthusiasm for inspiring ideas that inform and impact communities and the people know and understand. We Media is focused on the people and plans that have turned the world upside down overnight.

You’ll hear a few of them here.

I’ll be weighing in throughout the conference. I’ll be following your tweets at #infoneeds. You can email me at [email protected]. Or you can find me in the back of the room beneath the imposing lighting structure. I’m the guy in the lavender shirt and nice suit.

A post from the 2011 Media Learning Seminar. At Knight Foundation’s Media Learning Seminar, community and place-based foundation leaders meet with journalism and technology experts to explore the topic of community information needs. Follow the event on Twitter at #infoneeds and @knightfdn.